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Bree Orlock Designs: Dragon 1 $4.00
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Bree Orlock Designs: Dragon 1
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Bree Orlock Designs: Dragon 1
Publisher: Stardust Publications
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/08/2012 08:28:24

A stylised (rather than biological) dragon form, suitable to be logo or badge.... but of what?

Blazer badge of The Dragon Academy for Upper Class Offspring.

Regimental badge of the 2nd (Prince Arithon's Own) Dragon Cavalry.

Logo of Draco Interstellar Cruise Lines.

Symbol of the Calatin University Xenological Department's expedition to the mountainous regions of Wallender III, in search of the legendary creatures early colonists have reported.

Proud badge of the Dragons NFL franchise....

Armorial bearings of His Serene Grace the Landgrav of Upper Cwmscut.

Never mind where or when your game is set, you'll find a suitable use for this charming but versatile little beastie.

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