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The Starfarer's Gazette #2
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The Starfarer\'s Gazette #2
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The Starfarer's Gazette #2
Publisher: Terra-Sol Games LLC
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Date Added: 03/08/2012 10:10:24

Do you ever flick through style mags (even if furtively) or catch a lifestyle show on TV? Even if you hold yourself aloof - you like more important things, you say, you ARE a role-player after all.... admit it, there's something fascinating about reading of people, places and things... (and if you are a role-player, you can always claim its research material!).

So, it's likely that the genre is going to survive into the far future, isn't it?

Perhaps this issue fell through a timewarp back to our time - because in a delightful conceit, the main body of this product is written as if it were a real magazine from the far future! Sidebars and notes attend to the detail that Referees might require, but it is easy to imagine your character leafing through this while waiting for a haircut or enjoying a coffee (or as my character just had to do, hanging about some starport funcionary's office for the better part of a day to replace his ID that had been stolen by some Zhodani mind-police... long story which I won't go into here!).

So, perhaps you are looking for an interesting or profitable destination. Not sure I'd recommend Dryborough, a town on a backwater planet in the Edge system that's on the, well, edge of civilisation. But if you are considering it, read the article by someone who's been there. Learn what it's like and be prepared if, for any reason, the place shows up on your itenerary.

Then there are some tall tales set on this planet, suitable for retelling over a tall cold one in the starport bar of your choice. Imaginative Referees might want to use them as lures to get the gullible to investigate whatever adventure is planned, may even be inspired by the tale to create the adventure that started it... after all, I still remember standing in the bar at a convention listening to a fellow telling such a tall tale about a Traveller adventure involving a mad dash across a planet in a stolen Porshe, when another chap started correcting the detail. "How do you know?" asked the storyteller. "Well," said the other guy, "I was the Referee." (I kept quite. I played the driver of the Porshe!) Of such thing are legends made... read these, then go make your own!

The tales are followed by notes on companies and people to be found in the Edge system, and even some 'product reviews' of items that you might encounter, use, even want to purchase whilst there. Or not... but devious Referees may find ways to sucker the gullible into making the purchase if they haven't read these handy reviews.

The magazine rounds up with a detailed gazetteer, maps and notes on some locals, even a timeline history of the place, local attitudes... and for Referees who decide that Edge is going to feature in their campaign, a complete adventure outline.

This is an excellent resource that really makes the planet come alive - it's a real place in some alternate reality. Who knows, one of my characters may go there, my next lot of Traveller characters very likely shall!

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