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Gygax magazine issue #3 $0.00
Publisher: TSR, Inc.
by VP401533 K. H. L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/02/2014 13:32:30

So much the flavoring of a soup, mixed with all sorts of ingredients...ah...almost there.

What are good?

  • Art is good. A retro feel and look
  • Dwarven rune priest and Air-lancer. A wonderful write-up of a possible playable class
  • They all Died at the International Space Station & Marmomeal Tomb of Garn Pat-uul. Good adventures. Usable and full of expansion possibilities.
  • Order of the Knight Incorporeal. Good fluff to be incorporated not only to 13th Age but any other RPG campaign.
  • Hobby Shop Dungeon. Good story and materials thereafter to use.
  • Comics.

The rest can be dunked.

Keep it up. Getting there...hmm...just a touch of salt...a dash of clover...

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Gygax magazine issue #3
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