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Frozen Wind (PFRPG) $1.49
Publisher: Rite Publishing
by Carl C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/14/2014 18:18:07

Small scenario in a tight situation, Interesting situation, but more ways to actually interact with the plot and background would have been nice. Yes, you can make those up, but scenario tips are very valuable. As it is, it is a little too straightforward, and investigating the situation isn't very rewarding. Its more do or die. The individual goals add an extra dimension, but the motivation to do them straight away is pretty weak - either you would do them before the main scenario begins (which there is scant support for) or after the scenario ends (when most of them become much easier to achieve. Overall, not very impressed. It it is a solid horror scenario, but the subgenre is action rather than investigation or intruige.

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Frozen Wind (PFRPG)
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