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Spears of the Dawn
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Publisher: Sine Nomine Publishing
by Christian H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/09/2014 06:31:22

I ordered the Soft Cover + PDF bundle and have not been disappointed by either. A solid game setting, simple but fun rules system made for tweaking for your own needs and a large number of ideas for NPCs, conflicts and adventures presented as random tables. The book puts a lot of thought into playing a sandbox style game and provides good tips on how to do this. I would have liked to see some more stuff on the author's thoughts on integrating SoD play with a more linear approach - although this is hardly a problem in itself. The book is well laid out and edited, and the handy afterword (complete with bibliography) is a nice addition. My only comlaints: some of the setting information seem spread out a little where it could have been centered in fewer sections. Also the fonts used for Character Sheet headlines is a little busy with intricate symbols that are hard to print out properly.

All in all I can't see these minor errors prevent a solid 5/5 rating from my part.

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Spears of the Dawn
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