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Beasts & Barbarians: Hero Construction Set $9.95
Publisher: Okumarts Games
by Aaron H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/18/2014 19:22:02

Not many people are willing or crazy enough to attempt what Dave has Spectacularly pulled off with this set! in just one pdf their is enough variations to build an entire army if you want! it's a huge pack of minis for a very small price. if you need a lot of minis but are short on cash this is the set you need. I love messing around with the different characters and seeing what kind of weird combo I can come up with but no matter how I try they all look great! once again Dave raises the standards of what can be done and done well for making paper minis Bravo sir well done!

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Beasts & Barbarians: Hero Construction Set
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