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Blood and Brains: The Zombie Hunter's Guide $7.95
Publisher: RPG Objects
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/24/2006 00:00:00

Blood and Brains

Zombies. How many different ideas does that bring to ones mind? There are the slow ones from the classic Night of the Living Dead to the every quick ones in the newer Dawn of the Dead. There are the ones raised by alien technology, voodoo magic?s, or just some wired disease or drug. They are all great or not really depending on the movie they appear in. But they serve as great ideas for zombies in the modern games. Are the zombies the players fighting some government experiment that went horribly wrong? Or maybe it really did not go wrong at all. It could be an invasion from outer space or even from the dreaded Mole People. Or it could be the sign of the Apocalypse. It just leaves one question hanging: Who?s your Zombie? Blood and Brains is close to being the quintessential modern zombie guide. It covers pretty much everything one would need for the zombie game. It is designed for the modern times and using d20 Modern. However, the monsters can easily be used in a fantasy setting. Blood and Brains is by the great guys over at RPGObjects. A few years ago I was like who are these guys? Now I find myself eagerly awaiting their new releases to see what cool stuff they have in store for gamers. They are well known for their innovative post apocalyptic setting Darwin?s World and their line of Blood and X titles like Blood and Space, Blood and Relics, Blood and Fists, and Blood and Circuits. There are others in the series as well. Blood and Brains is a sixty six page PDF. It comes in eight meg file. The Layout is good and the art is fair. The pictures are mostly of a bunch of zombies and people that kill zombies. The file is not designed for printing as it is full color and has nice borders. The art is black and white but there is green background of some of the writing and a color border. The book is also book marked. That makes me happy. The book is set up pretty basically except for a short story that fills a column down each page. It starts out with a well written introduction exploring the zombie type of adventures. It discusses what the zombies are, who the heroes are, and where it all takes place. From there is goes into character occupations, just like what is found in d20 Modern. The occupations here though are more clich? reflecting the typical cast of a zombie movie. There are the typical high school types like Boy Scout, Jock, Cheerleader, Nerd and Prep. There are the more traditional horror types like the Scream Queen, Y-Mart Employee, and National Center of Reanimation Prevention Employee. The occupations are pretty standard for the names. There are a few advanced classes. There is the Bokor who uses magic to control zombies. Then there is the more traditional Mad Scientist and Necromancer. There is the Psychokinetic which oddly enough can only be taken by the Scream Queen. And lastly they have the Zombie Hunter, the one class that really makes the most sense for player characters. The feats are pretty much also in the tone of the classic horror movies. There is Chainsaw Impale and Over the Shoulder which is designed to fire a shotgun over one?s shoulder. There are Improvised Implements and Improvised Weapons for using what ever is at hand to aid you. Some of the feats are a little tongue in cheek and they really do enforce the traditions of the zombie movies. Next is what everyone needs to kill zombies: Weapons. There are also new types of ammunition. The best though are the rules for shotguns like loading one handed and double barrel verse single. They have optional critical hit rules for zombies for people who want them. While in the normal system undead are immune to critical hits; it is shown in many movies that one can slow down a zombie with some well placed shots. There are a few new FX options like spells and psionic abilities. There are way more spells though. Lastly the book offers forth many new creatures most of them alternative zombies types. There are plenty of things here to confuse and scare players. Blood and Brains is the book for Zombie adventures. It has great monsters and tools for the DM to create their own adventure and campaign or to use one like Weekend Warriors a PDF adventure by 12 to Midnight. Blood and Brains does a through job of covering the topic and providing a fun and interesting way to do it all.

<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br>

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Blood and Brains: The Zombie Hunter's Guide
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