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Winds of the Ice Forest (LL) $2.00
Publisher: Random Order Creations
by Kyrinn E. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/04/2014 11:51:25

This random-table distributed adventure is very well written and offers many more possibilities than the 20 encounters included. For the most part, they could even be run sequentially without too much strain of belief, and as random encounters, they work very well; each contributing to the overall feel of the locale and the mythology of the site.

The art is for the GM, and I found it both disarming and charming, like a wink and nod, although the adventure is not cutsie by any means. It is actually a pretty brutal and lethal adventure for lower level characters; I'd be surprised if there won't be casualties.

I urge GMs to D/L this and after reading it, go back and pay a reasonable price for this Pay-What-You-Want adventure; it is well worth the time to read, and provides a lot of play-value due to its modular structure -- any encounter can be dropped into any snowy setting or scenario.

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Creator Reply:
Thank you, Kyrinn. I\'m happy to see that the modular set up is working for people. Your feedback is much appreciated!
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Winds of the Ice Forest (LL)
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