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Winds of the Ice Forest (LL) $2.00
Publisher: Random Order Creations
by Damon D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/09/2014 06:56:06

Winds of the Ice Forest is a winter-themed adventure module for Labyrinth Lord suited for first to third level characters, and is structured as a series of random encounters, with several possible goals and adventure hooks to get the party started. It is very unlikely that players will experience everything this adventure has to offer; there are multiple adventure hooks that each provide unique goals and NPCs, and encounters which change depending on those goals, and the order in which they are experienced.

While written as an old-school adventure, it isn't quite as unforgiving as the modules of old. There are plenty of mechanisms within the adventure that allow characters to recover hit points at a decent rate, though combat can still be very lethal if players don't use their wits, and one trap in particular will one-hit kill a first level character if used as written.

The art isn't brilliant, but provides enough flavor and detail to establish the atmosphere of the adventure. And, honestly, I find it incredibly charming, though I'm certain most would disagree with me. There is no overall map necessary for the adventure, though there are several maps detailing specific encounters, and they are well laid out and easy to read.

The one major complaint I have regards some of the magic items. One NPC in particular, when defeated, will load up the party with a variety of decently powerful magic items, which some GM's may find unsuitably powerful for a starting first-level party.

Overall, Winds of the Ice Forest is well put together adventure. The content is creative and fun, and is laid out in a neat, organized manner that makes it extremely easy to navigate. If you decide to pick up this adventure, definitely throw some dollars their way, it's highly deserved.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thank you for the kind review, Damon. The constructive criticism is highly valuable and greatly appreciated!
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Winds of the Ice Forest (LL)
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