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100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars $0.75
Publisher: Fishwife Games
by Eric F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/19/2014 18:27:19

100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars sets out to do one thing and ends up being three products in one. This is another download from Fish Wife Games and again the quality is spot on here. Dave Woodrum provides a varied and interesting list of patrons for that wretch hive of scum and villainy in your local space port or Outer Rim space station. This list can also be used as a quick D100 encounter table as well to really spice games up. The other use for this little list is as a jump point for a group of NPC's right in the middle of an adventure. A few tosses of the dice and wham you've got everything you need to keep your PC's busy for a game dealing with some scum in the center of a bar. This list is short, sweet, concise, and doesn't spend a ton of time dealing out details. Here the descriptions are brief and varied. The DM can add this list to his or her favorite space opera or science fictional game there's no rule hang ups to get in the way of really going to town with this list. Everything here is geared to get the PC's into interaction with minimum fuss. This is going to happen for under a dollar and this list can be dropped into a game mid stream of an adventure and no one is going to notice at all. The players can deal with the NPC's as they see fit and the same list will give a dozen results per toss to really allow the DM a rapid fire round robin of encounters. This allows an adventure to seem almost like an old school detective novel where the encounters give the skeleton of an urban interstellar Noir back drop adventure. As quick as you please this same formula can whip the PC's into the middle of a planetary tavern with steamy alien political intrigue is the order of the day. The key here is the DM['s imagination and his or her willingness to commit the time and imagination to the backgrounds of those listed here. A clever and well done product which a DM can get a hell of a lot of utility out of for the price of less then a hamburger. High recommended.

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100 Customer Types for Spaceport Bars
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