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Medieval Landscapes vol.2 $4.99
Publisher: The Forge Studios
by Jeff T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/10/2006 00:00:00

I hate The Forge Studios. I hate them because their artwork is so darn awesome that I feel compelled to buy it, even though I really think it's overpriced. There's just no substitute for the drawings done by Maciej Zagorski and Pawel Dobosz. Their drawings may look simple, but they each create a unique atmosphere and feeling that inspire me as a game master.

I like how simple it is to print each picture off on cardstock, which I then place into a cheap frame and set on the table during each gaming session so that the players can see firsthand what I'm describing.

<br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: Good selection of topics that are drawn, and the quality of the work, of course. I even like that if you look closely, you can see the pencil marks that Pawel didn't erase, giving each picture an honest, hand-drawn look. One of my players asked me if I drew the pictures, and he seemed really impressed. But of course, I couldn't lie...<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: Even though I will buy most of their art packs, I still think it's a bit overpriced, despite the good quality. $4 for 7 pictures breaks down to about sixty cents apiece, plus printing costs.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Excellent<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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Medieval Landscapes vol.2
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