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High Adventure Role Playing Fantasy $20.00
Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises
by Larry F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/13/2015 11:37:18

I only gave this a 4 due to the quality of the book, many of the images are too dark or off in some other way. The game gets a 5.

The game itself is a wonderful streamline version of the rolemaster system. There are many things I prefer from Rolemaster and some things I prefer that are HARP.

HARP streamlined Character Creation making it much easier to create a character. For the most part the book is setup for character creation better than most other games as you can from page to page with out having to skip around.

I prefer the old way of doing training packages they were pre calculated and they had more than 5 and you got to roll to get some cool stuff. Here it is a small package of skills that you receive as a discount. For my campaigns I wrote a small book of pagackes and did the precalculations.

Professions feel more free in HARP than they did in Rolemaster I do wish there instead of just 2 points per rank for favored and 4 points per rank for unfavored that they have 6 points for a skill category or two that was unusual for the profession which would be more like Rolemaster.

The races are fun for the most part they added the race Gryx which is a peaceful Orc like race. They are an interesting race but the only monstrous humanoid offered. I converted some classic monstrous races for play.

The cultures are now for all races which is an added bonus over Rolemaster. They are very basic and free ranks that represent you growing up. I had added a few myself representing more cultures grabbing from many sources.

The skills are a greatly shortened version of the Rolemaster Skill system. I do not feel cheated for the most part as I do enjoy the vast skill list.

The talents section is fairly well made. I still prefer the way that Rolemaster Standard did the talents rather than this chopped down way. It does however fit with the system either way.

The 2 second combat system can be a little weird and really throw people off. I tend to run it as a 4 second or 6 second. Allowing for multiple actions to occur often making it easier on some players.

The game is over all a lot of fun and a great alternative to many of the popular systems that takes less time over all for character creation and combat.

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High Adventure Role Playing Fantasy
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