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Ooh, Shiny! - Entropic Equipment $2.51
Publisher: Interjection Games
by Ben B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/07/2015 20:27:44

This supplement clocks in at fourteen pages, including twelve pages of content. After the cover, we jump right into the crunch (no table of contents). In this installment, we get 17 magic items, all of which have some random effects. As in the previous installment, every item includes xp in its crafting cost, per 3.5 rules. If you are using Pathfinder crafting rules, you can simply ignore the xp cost. On the cheap end, we have the 200 gp Piece of Fate, a one-use item which enhances every [i]other[/i] item in this supplement, granting a +1 to the die roll on items with random-effect tables.
Then there are things like the Dilettante’s Cape, which grants one of eleven minor bonuses, each corresponding to a core base class. The bonuses last for a day and you get a different one each day. On the expensive end, for 75000 gp, we get the “Perfectly Normal Axe”. As you can probably guess, it is far from Perfectly Normal. The Axe causes the wielder to feel Empathy for one specific (random) race, and Loathing for another, triggering different effects the first time you encounter a member of either race (after which you reroll for a different race). It has the potential to cause crazy things to happen in a campaign, even more so than the other random items in this supplement. There is almost no visual artwork in this product. Short Term Use: Unlike previous installments, not all of these items can be dropped into a campaign on their own. Some of them only work in conjunction with other items in the supplement. Others, like the Perfectly Normal Axe, can cause chaos in your campaign and should be used with caution. However, if you [i]want[/i] to make things crazier, these items do a good job. Hence, it gets a 4/5. Long Term Use: While some players may not want to use items with chaotic effects, you can increase the longevity of this supplement by combining these items with more beneficial enhancements. Even if you don’t, some of these items can cause crazy outcomes which reverberate on your campaign. Hence a final long term rating of 3.5/5, rounded up to 4 due to the low price.

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Ooh, Shiny! - Entropic Equipment
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