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Taken from Dunwich $5.25
Publisher: North Wind Adventures
by Michael T. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/20/2015 16:35:16

PHYSICAL PRODUCT This is an 18 page PDF. It's not heavily illustrated but the few illustrations are good and the map layout is very well done. It's also layout out nicely and has a professional look.

INTRODUCTION This was not a free product. But I purchased Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea an was impressed enough to want to see what an adventure would look like.

DESCRIPTION Some local villagers have been kidnapped by the normally non-kidnapping humanoids that live in the mountains nearby. A guy in the village walks up to you and asks for help. There is some nice background to the village and the surrounding area which I like. There is also some 'this-time-its-personal' bits about the villagers who were kidnapped that I like a lot. including a built-in 'stay on the rails' mechanism that is not too intrusive. I appreciate the help.

There is a short trek to the 'dungeon' and a nice Wandering Monster table. I like this as well, it gives a flavor to the region and stretches the adventure to get more bang for the buck.

The dungeon is built into the side of a cliff which is explains why no one else wandered into it.

The dungeon itself bears a strong resemblance to the TSR classic "S3 Expedition to Barrier Peak" so whether your campaign is up for that sort of thing is up to each GM. It definitely fits the "Conan"+"D&D" mashup that is AS&SH however. That said, I'm not sure I want Laser Crossbows in my game.

Some of the encounters are quite clever and the puzzle of stopping the threat is well done. Included are a few notes about what to do if the threat is not stopped which I like as well. It definitely matters if the heroes are successful or not.

There are a few "D&Disms" which may bug you. Ioun stones for example. It's alien and fits the world, but I can't imagine it not causing some issues in a campaign and I can't imagine it being appreciated in a one-shot. This is not a 'introductory' adventure.

OVERALL I liked this product. It fits in perfectly with the world that is Hyberboria as viewed through a Gygaxian lense. Its easy to drop into a world, has a unique and memorable threat.

SHOULD I CHECK OUT THEIR OTHER PRODUCTS? As much as I don't really think Sword & Sorcery and Dungeons and Dragons mesh very comfortably together as they are in AS&SH, their products do have a lot going for them. Very professionally and thoughtfully done. This adventure has impressed me enough to purchase more of their products.

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Taken from Dunwich
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