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Abandon All Hope
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Publisher: RPG Objects
by Carles A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/23/2015 06:23:46

I had my first game of AAH yesterday night, using the Seeds of Rage adventure, you can read the review elsewhere..

Ok, my love for the premise of the setting was spot on so I bought it in the fly. And it delivers.

The PC creation system: its good. Fast and manages to strike the key elements to make characterful PC.

The system: is fast and enjoyable. The "gauge" sytem of despair, guilt and insanity gives also a lot of flavour and is a great tool for roleplaying too.

The setting: the premise, as I said before, is great. The book describes several gangs, all of them fairly typical as well as general sections of the ship, robots and demons. All in all its useful information but personally I will go for a more psycological approach for the evil creatures (think of games like Kult) and I changed the robots to somethinng more "ghostly" like. Im used the great manga Blame as inspiration, you should check it out because it creates a great mood for this game.

The artwork is kind of mediocre and does little to set the mood, the gear is OK tough, the demons are kind of silly.

All in all, its a good solid product for its price, with a great idea and a great system to implement it. I'd reccomend it to a creative GM willing to use this as a framework to develop his own ideas

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Abandon All Hope
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