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Caves & Caverns $10.99
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Pierre H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/19/2015 12:55:44

I am going to cover very briefly layout and editing. Generally unless otherwise stated this is going to be a copy and paste job for all my reviews as its always an outstanding 5 stars. Information is well laid out and easy to access. I find that I don’t have to flip from this page to that too often as information is always at your finger tips for encounters or NPC / environment information. Stat blocks are clean and easy to read. This is an important feature for me and having such superb editing is a massive boon!

Caves and Caverns is one of those titles I purchased in PDF first and loved so much I had to have a Hardcopy to faun over and really cherish. It has added depth and scope to many of my favourite adversaries and villains in the campaign I am running in the underworld (under dark, ebon realm what ever you wish to call it). Deep below the lands of man are the dark caves and caverns. Ancient dungeons and demon realms. The lands of the Drow and Duergar. In particular I have used the Duergar and Drow variants (Drow; Scout, Slaver, Warrior, Captain, Noble Wizard, Cleric etc) to confront my dwarven PC’s in the campaign I am running. In particular I’m using in conjunction with GM Miscellany Dungeon Dressing and Scions of Evil.

But the book contains so much more content. The straight to hand descriptors for features that you will find in a cave are great. Their is a long list of encounters again well written and easy to use and to hand.

This book has some fantastic self contained encounters which offer the background of the encounter, how to increase or decrease the challenge depending on your party. Everything is on 1 or 2 pages and so no flipping to and from other books. You can print, read, make a few notes and a rich encounter is ready to go in about 15 minutes! I kid you not.

Delve deep, delve dark and feel confident as an under dark GM with this supplement at your disposal.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Caves & Caverns
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