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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. - Savage Worlds Edition
$19.99 $8.49
Publisher: Third Eye Games
by David B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/10/2015 09:02:15

A clever pastiche of Angel, Blade, HP Lovecraft, and above all else, Men In Black, it's eldritch horror done with tongue in cheek. Demons walk among us but you can't notice the weird fish-man demon if he's wearing a trenchcoat and a floppy hat. Occult shops sell real actual items of power, to those in the know. Back alley doctors install cybernetic parts on human and demon alike. And regulating all of them is a shadowy mega-corporation and its agents in black suits, responsible for stopping a dozen apocalypses so far.

The book is largely black text on white, with a few comic art pieces here and there - definetly printer-friendly.

While the concept is wonderful, and the chapters on cybernetics and magic are really good, but the last couple of chapters, describing API's operations, it tends to drag a bit. There's no adventure generator, custom Savage Tales, or sample antagonists to give GMs a boost when it comes to prep time. This is a conversion from their own in-house game system to Savage Worlds, and there's a few places where the editor failed to notice a mechanic from the previous system slipped through (what's a Passion Roll?).

Stellar product otherwise. Glad I picked it up during Savage September!

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. - Savage Worlds Edition
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