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Hunter Sheets: Red Alert $6.30
Publisher: Nightfall Games
by Ed A. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/25/2015 12:47:05

Well, where to start.

Hunter Sheets: Red Alert is billed as Truth Rating high and it is not kidding. For anyone who has an interest in the back story of SLA Industries this is a must have. It starts, innocuously enough, with some more info on the Moral Right, SLA Ops internal nemesis de jour. Inspired buy Mary Whitehouse's National Viewers' and Listeners' Association, MR are a relativly recent addition to the World of Progress. Essentially an arm of SLA's internal security aperatus they have supplanted Cloak Division and are rather more interesting as an antagonist. Here we have their latest effort to bring moral fibre to the streets of Downtown Mort, the Virtue Squads. A combination of Football Hooligans, Shin Heads, Neo-Nazis and other brutal thugs lead by the scions of the World of Progres' wealthiest and most powerful families, there is plenty of social commentary here as well as a distinctly Clockwork Orange vibe.

Following on from this are the Hunter Sheets themselves. Five distinctly different targets are presented here, all of whom will provide at least an evening's play and a decent challenge. All bar one also touch on a hidden element of the World of Progress. The detailed system info also provides plenty of material for a GM to work into his own adversaries.

Finally there is the closing story, featuring Intruder, Mr Slayer himself and one of the Huntersheet targets. It's a good read, referencing a number of old, somewhat obscure SLA short stories such as Love is a Stranger (check out the SLA forums at if you are interested) and it's the most Truth heavy section of the whole piece. While it's not the telling of the SLA backstory it does give you enough to see the shape of it and intrigue you as to what is to come.

All in all the Virtue Squads are the highlight of the piece for me. I run SLA as a very street level game and unlike SHIVERs they cannot just be pushed around or outright ignored. The other elements are things I would weave in infrequently to up the wiredness level and keep my players on edge. If you are interested in the secret world of SLA however you are likely to disagree with that assessment.

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Hunter Sheets: Red Alert
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