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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins $13.08 $9.81
Publisher: UFO Press
by Ja J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/26/2015 19:33:14

First of all, I don't have the "Purchaser Mark" because I asked my girlfriend to buy me this rule as a gift(I don't use credit card). But I spent my money on this one and you can trust my review.

I wrote a very long review about why I don't recommend you this product but I accidentally deleted it. Damn. This is a short review on this product and my conclusion is "This rule is not total trash but it only worth $7 or less".

These are my reasons.

  1. 'Legacy Reference Sheets' which is provided by the publisher as free, contains most of meaningful information about whole rule. Which means there are no additional resource that actually worth single dollar as this product added play advises, sample monsters and things that is as unimportant as former two to reference sheet. if you are experienced gamer you can play it with only reference sheets.

  2. Layout and artworks are sucks. Nice cover art is freaking bait. I cannot believe this rule has properly funded. Where all the money go?

Well. It almost feels like I am wasting my time over my wasted money so I will just repeat my conclusion.

"This rule is not total trash but it only worth $7 or less".

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Legacy: Life Among the Ruins
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