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It's Not My Fault! (A Fate Accelerated Character & Situation Generator) $5.00
Publisher: Evil Hat Productions, LLC
by Benjamin C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/06/2015 12:28:27

Running this with 2 first time fate players and one experienced player, this proved to be a great introduction to the fate system. Getting people to stop laughing held things up more than learning the system. Picking familiar "classes" generated stats for them, and providing a thematic stunt for each gave them interesting toys to play with, but avoiding option paralysis of having things wide open. Picking up the rest of the mechanics from there was fairly simple, particularly since it uses the 6 fate accelerated approaches. I think in our game every approach got used but careful, but that one's omission was mostly just a side effect of teleporting naked into an arena just as the beasts were released. Only one person had a 3 in anything, most people had several 2s and stunts that made them better, so there wasn't much issue of spamming one aspect. Except for the con-man's compulsive clever lying, but again, that was unique to the situation and really helped make the scene dramatic.

Aside from the aid in helping new players, this also offered a good experience to explore and RP a new character quickly, not having a large backstory to try and remain consistent with. My players commented on how enjoyable it was to try and fit full character exploration into just an hour or two. After one session, everyone involved asked me to bring it to fill in time before or after existing campaigns.

Game ran about 2 hours, although I think it was a little slower due to getting new players up to speed with the system and getting use to how open ended decision making is in fate.

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It's Not My Fault! (A Fate Accelerated Character & Situation Generator)
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