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Castles and Ruins $16.00
Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises
by Jonathan D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/03/2016 16:00:06

A great book that was effectively lost for a time until GCP was able to bring it back. Castles & Ruins covers a lot of general ground about the function of castles and fortifications, e.g. the construction and basic day-to-day operation of castles. Some sections are specific to RMSS, such as training packages (26 training packages), and others usable in any version of Rolemaster including spell lists (9 lists) and attack tables (4 tables for different types of siege weapons), but any fantasy game will benefit from the extensive sections on the design, materials, costs (or rental charges for the use of!), labor requirements and availability, and income related to a fortification, as well as the discussion of how to attack and besiege one or the concerns of disease. And adventure seeds, random events during construction or during the day-to-day of feudal rule. Not to mention the variety of traps and other defensive structures, tables for randomly generating ruins and their present contents, etc. It's not just castles and ruins, either. The construction costs can also be used for other types of buildings, and there are lots of little details such as the typical income of different types of grain mills. Really a fantastic reference. About 30 pages are RM-specific and the remaining 151 pages could be used in any system. Those using the book for other games may want to multiply all costs by 10, since Rolemaster uses a silver-based economy unlike the gold-based economy of some other games.

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Castles and Ruins
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