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Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors
Publisher: Dead Gentlemen Productions, LLC
by Martin F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/28/2016 05:49:26

Not sure how to say. It's awesome. Really.

Not sure if I ever will run any session of it, I'm not especially into "humour games", but it is great as a book for reading, a source of well-thought mechanics and much more. I couldn't stop laughing during reading of that.

Setting: I read original Demon Hunters book previously and despite it was a "work of humour" too, I felt it much more seriously written. Also, Cortex classic mechanics was... well, classic. And not the best one. This one is more witty, full of fanservice and geeky humor (not that about Spock and Kirk one though), and it is the most important added value, because more serious urban fantasy settings are available in hordes, not to mention systems about secret organization created to save the world (from really gritty Esoterrorists to comparably ironic Laundry).

Current mechanics: is somewhere between Fate Core, Fate Accelerated and Cortex Plus Adventure, so it is lightweight, fun to use and unfortunately not for everyone (C+ has somewhat lower entry treshold because in most implementations "aspects" (a.k.a. distinctions) are pre-generated there). So people who don't like Fate-powered and Fate-inspired games won't find this one good too.

So, good piece of RPG, but probably not for everyone.

Mandatory conflict of interests note: Author of this post is a Kickstarter supporter of this game. No other affiliations with Dead Gentelmen Productions, LLc detected.

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Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors
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