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DragonLords Set $3.00
Publisher: Arion Games
by Rob M. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 01/31/2007 00:00:00

Miniatures, for those of us who don?t want to ?collect? minis, due to limited space, cash, or desire, are a necessary evil due to the many games with detailed tactical combat systems. This puts us in a bind; miniatures make handling combat much easier, but how to use them without having to handle a ton of minis. Paper minis provide a good solution for to this problem. Paper minis provide a nice alternative to traditional minis, in that they are inexpensive and disposable. When they are packaged as a PDF, you are provided with a reusable, readily available source of minis for your games. Print those that you need, when they get to be a pain to have lying around, you can throw them away, with PDF tucked away for when you need to print some more. They are also handy for ?collectors? of traditional minis to provide additional figures, or non-precious stand-ins if you don?t want to worry about your minis being damaged or lost at an unfamiliar, or merely overcrowded, gaming table.

The figures in Arion Games? miniatures sets come in 3 styles, ?A-frame?, ?Flat?, and ?Triagonal?. The ?A-frame?, and ?Flat? figures can be constructed from the same sheets, depending on how they are cut-out. The ?Triagonal? minis are constructed from a separate sheet. These construction choices provide additional options in preparing your minis for use in the game, major characters or monsters can be constructed as the ?Triagonal? versions to provide a more visual flair, and to emphasize their importance. Other figures can be done as ?A-Frame? or flat versions to make them easier to handle or distinguish them from each other, thus providing a functional use beyond their graphical characteristics.

The instructions are easy to follow and assembling the minis is quick and painless, just requiring a bit of work with scissors and some glue. This particular set requires an extra bit of work putting together Triagonal versions of the large Dragon-lord figures, but nothing to strenuous. There are also instructions provided on how to prepare a custom sheet of figures to meet your specific needs. The minis look good, even when printed on plain paper. Each figure is drawn from a 3D rendering (done in Poser using figures provided by DAZED, according to the credits), providing sharp detail and life-like shading, even when printed. This 14 page PDF (15 with cover) offers a specialized selection of ?Dragon-lords? miniatures suited for use as ?arch-villains? or ?arch-heroes? in an epic fantasy RPG. Each set includes a Dragon and Dragon-Lord rider. Each particular dragon & dragon-rider pair includes five figures, a Dragon-lord figure, a horse-mounted Dragon-lord figure, a ?vehicle sized? Dragon-Mounted Dragon-Lord figure, a Hatchling Dragon figure and a Dragonling figure.

The six Dragon-lords includes a lithe Dragon Lady in some Red Sonja esque outfit (the bonus set includes a version of the Dragon Lady in plate) on a western style lizard-like Green Dragon, an Evil Dragon-lord, in gothic style plate, or perhaps ornate cuir boilo-it?s kind of hard to tell, on a western style scaly Black Dragon, a Dragon Mage with a floating ball of light in hand, and wearing a hippy looking rainbow cape, on a western lizard-like Blue Dragon, a Noble Dragon Lord wearing what I would guess to be gold plate, but it is a bit too much on the orange side and lacks a metallic luster, on a komodo dragonish Copper Dragon, an Oriental Dragon-Lord, wearing samurai armor with a katana, on a snake-like Chinese luck dragon type Oriental Dragon (Must be some kind of a Memoirs of a Geisha movie thing going on,), an Undead Dragon-lord, attired in a set of gothic dark brown cuir-bouli or possibly plate similar to the Noble Dragon-Lords, on an Undead Dragon, a zombie dragon as the dragonling, yet it is a skeletal dragon in the mounted figure. The dragon-lord figures and individual dragonling figures seem scaled down a bit to match the larger size of the mounted dragon figures. The dragon-mounted Dragon-lord figures all look great, with the rest of the figures looking pretty good all around.

Overall, this is a solid set from Arion games, though of more limited appeal than usual. A nice assortment of ?poses? and equipment is provided for each major character and his or her dragon, the details on them look good for the most part. The Dragon mounted versions of the dragon lords are of course the real money shot of this set and look very good. If you happen to be running a Dragonlance chronicle, or similar dragon themed game, this is a great set to get. Otherwise, they are some nice looking figures that you won?t have as much use for. Though the horse mounted and unmounted versions of the dragon-lords are still useful for other fantasy and some historical games. So if either of these scenarios fit, I recommend this set. Adding in the fact that you can print as many as you need, and prepare your own figure sheets, this is an excellent value as well. <br><br> <b>LIKED</b>: Dragon Lady, mounted dragon lady<br><br><b>DISLIKED</b>: dragon mounted Noble and Undead Dragon-lords armor coloring is weird.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Very Satisfied<br>

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DragonLords Set
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