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Everyone Else: A Book of Innkeepers, Farmers & More $7.95 $3.98
Publisher: EN Publishing
by Chris G. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/29/2007 00:00:00

Everyone Else is an E-Book by Ambient. The book is full of the more mundane Non Player Characters that fill up a campaign world. This book is very well done and will be useful for any DM that uses NPCs in their game. The E-Book is seventy pages in length and is filled with useful information.

The lay out is absolutely beautiful. There is a very good theme of images and pictures that give this product a medieval feel. I really like the look of this book. It sets the tone and helps put one into the mood of the people stating out here. The pictures are simple looking, yet really fit perfectly into this product.

The product comes with two versions. One is created to print, and the other one is for easy using on the computer. I?m very happy with seeing companies do this. It?s great having products that can be easily printed out and at the same time can be easily used on the laptop at the gaming table. The version to use on the computer is very easy to use. There is a side index that allows one to easily jump to the different section. One can even bookmark places for easy reference later. I really like this style with the E-Book of two versions one designed for printing, the other for the computer.

The book starts off with a simple introduction. It tells exactly what this is and what to expect. Then it goes into a full-page table of contents, which shows all the different types of people that are in this product. Then it goes into the sections on the stat blocks. The stat blocks are the main focus of the book, but that?s not all that?s in here. Each type of person is fully defined and shown how one can use them. Then it has different rules to remember like suggested synergy bonuses and DCs for certain skills the person will most likely use. This will save a lot of time from looking it up in a different book. Then come the actually stat block. They give examples for each character type at level one, three, five, and seven. And then it lists some suggestions for customizing the stat blocks. They suggest are what skills to switch ranks in and what feats to swap. It is all very well done.

There are thirteen different sections as the book groups related NPCs together. The first section is In The Shadow, which covers Bartender, Fences, Smuggles and others. Then is On the Docks that includes Dock Workers, Sailors, and Navigators. Next is On the Farm or In the Village, which has among the NPCs Animal Trainers, Herders, and Vintners. Then is In the Woods, which has the Hunter and Tracker. On the Jobsite has Unskilled Laborers and Masons. In the Shop has Brewers and Smiths. In the Market has Art Dealers and Shopkeepers. At Your Service has Clerks and Lawyers. At the Bedside covers people like Midwifes and Surgeons. For the Greater Glory covers Missionaries and Hermits. In the Bureaucracy deals with Jailors and Lawyers. At the Barracks has Conscripts and Town Guards. And In the Castle has Diplomats and Spies. Now those are not the only people covered in this book. I think there are about 90 different types of people in here. It?s hard to imagine a common character type that is not somehow covered in this book.

The book only uses the NPC classes from the Dungeon Masters Guide and makes good use of the Commoner Class. All the people in here are human and have very average ability scores. The few errors in here like Clubs being listed as having a x3 critical multiplier are easy to overlook and will not get in one?s way. This is a great book and will be extremely beneficial to Dungeon Masters everywhere.<br><br><b>QUALITY</b>: Very Good<br><br><b>VALUE</b>: Satisfied<br>

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Everyone Else: A Book of Innkeepers, Farmers & More
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