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Maiden Voyage of the Colossus (OGL/DCC) $5.00
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/24/2016 23:25:14

This adventure is advertised as compatible with both DCC and the d20 OGL systems (Pathfinder, for example). However, the adventure suffers from one rather glaring problem, one which is more prominent if you wish to use it with DCC, as I did. First, very little is said about the campaign setting or integrating the adventure with other campaign worlds. There's a flying ship, and the company which owns it hires your characters to safeguard it from sabotage at the hands of a rival coorporation (which is also only scantily described). The main reason I bought this adventure is because I'm a big fan of the airship theme (I loved the Princess Ark series that ran in Dragon Magazine back in the day), but such implies a more "high magic" setting where magic is more common and can be used fairly reliably. DCC, on the other hand, is a weirder and darker setting where magic spells are closely guarded secrets that can be dangerous to both the wielder's body and soul. So, naturally, I was intrigued as to how the author would reconcile the two...but no such effort was made, which I find very disappointing. The adventure helpfully points out that you can buy the campaign setting to learn more about what exactly is going on here, and I realize this isn't supposed to be a complete setting, but a page or two where the author explains their assumptions regarding the setting where they imagine the adventure taking place in would have proved welcome. This is particularly important for game masters using published DCC modules with the assumed weird, fairly low-magic vibe to make the sudden inclusion of airships and big corporations less jarring. Certainly a seasoned game master can come up with an explanation of their own (the Crawljammer setting provides a good model for how it can be done whilst retaining the DCC "flavor"), but I buy modules like this to reduce the amount of preparation I have to do by providing good ideas and suggestions that inspire me. This adventure didn't do that, which makes me wonder if the author and publisher really considered the matter of why this adventure should be used with DCC. Second, the adventure does contain DCC conversion notes, as advertised, but it seems to me that these were an afterthought, and not well-designed. The DC numbers to accomplish most tasks in the adventure are pretty high for DCC characters, who generally only add an ability modifier of +1 or 2 to most such rolls (if they get to add anything at all, and sometimes they'll be applying a penalty of equal value), making the 15 (and higher) DCs extremely problematic (expect to fail a lot). This isn't an insurmountable problem (you can lower DCs quite easily), but it's further evidence of what I suspected above, that DCC support was an afterthought and not enough time and effort was devoted to it. That being said, the rest of the adventure is tolerable, though fairly bland. I rate content based on its usefulness to me; a 5 is something I can't wait to use, and a 1 is something I have no use for, which is unfortunately where this adventure falls for me.

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Maiden Voyage of the Colossus (OGL/DCC)
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