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Amethyst: Quintessence (5E) $19.99
Publisher: Dias Ex Machina Games
by andrew g. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/16/2016 16:06:00

Ive been waiting on my harbound copy of this before i took to reviewing this product, And what a big book it is. I picked it up having never heard of it but drivethru recommended ultramodern5 and upon looking at that i thought wow this needs a couple of settings to go with it. This is one of those settings. Post apocalypse of sorts where magic has invaded our world and started bringing the world around us back to nature. Full of fae, dragons and all manner of typical and unusual fantasy beasts. So what does man do? He walls off his cities and holds back the tide of magic by developing his technology. This isnt strictly tech vs magic either.. magic comes with a dark side if you will, Corrupting the minds of Light sided fae and techans. Also some of the corrupted fae have defected, Unhappy with things the way they are. This gives you the opportunity to create unlikely and very shaky alliances within your party which in turn creates a very fun session all by itself just the characters relationships alone create an amazing game. There is alot stacked up in here, The techan classes are astounding. I loved the medic ability to pass on any damage done to himself while helping a team mate onto another character, Essentially using your team as meatshields. That is just one example. The classes are all well balanced and work so well together. This is a team game where you will be well rewarded by working together. I for one look forward to future products in this line. Oh and also, you dont need ultramodern5 to run this setting.

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Amethyst: Quintessence (5E)
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