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Angels, Daemons & Beings Between: Dagon Hardcover Edition $29.99
Publisher: Shinobi 27 Games
by Chad K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/20/2016 13:16:07


This book is great. It is an essential book for anyone who plays DCC Rpg. Essential! Let's face it, one of your players ( or you) will want to play a Wizard, and a Wizard will want a Patron. The reality is the core book only has a few. Another reality is that creating your own Patrons is a lot of work. A lot. This book has 24 new fully developed Patrons. 24!

It even has a new idea : Demi-Patrons. Less powerful Patrons, but they may be less demanding. Their goals might be more in line with the character, and their power can grow along with the characters. Neat.

180+ pages of sheer awesome.

This is the best source book I've seen for DCC rpg in a long long time.

Go buy it. Now!


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Angels, Daemons & Beings Between: Dagon Hardcover Edition
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