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Angels, Daemons & Beings Between: Dagon Edition $19.99
Publisher: Shinobi 27 Games
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/25/2016 13:19:40

Angels, Daemons & Beings Between: Extended Otherworldly Edition

I own the original PDF format of the book and this print only edition blows the PDF version away on every level.

Comparison: the PDF format has 13 patrons the EOE print version has 24. What's better than gaining 11 more patrons is that the new patrons seem so much more usable than the original 13. Lovecraft gets a starring role in the new edition with Dagon as a fully imagined Patron. Moorcock is not left out either. Purchasers get Umwansh, Father of the Waves and Mulferret, Queen of Weasels. Plus a great addition from Irish mythology.

But wait there's more! Paul Wolfe's ruminations on lesser patrons (called Demi-Patrons) is given full attention in this edition of AD&BB. A local god or force can be given lesser levels of power and grow with the characters (and make them into depraved sycophants).

Dave fisher has added more art and having a printed copy has never felt so damn good. Looks great and about as thick as the average GURPS splat book from back in the day.

If you have Angels, Daemons & Beings Between, you are going to want the Extended Otherworldly Edition. I doubt I'll ever Ctrl+O the PDF ever again.

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Angels, Daemons & Beings Between: Dagon Edition
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