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Guild Adventurer #2 $8.00
Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises
by Michael P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/25/2007 10:58:26

Vorlori’s Rest is an adventure location. It is a monastery with a small traveler’s inn. Maps are given for each level and every room is well-described. These are the things that you expect from any adventure location. What I like about location is the thought given to the history or legacy of the monastery. The back story centers around monks who have succumb to lycanthropy but are using their discipline to resist the evil urges. I found this to be a cleaver twist to the place and enjoyed the presentation of this story. Two adventure seeds are given that develop around this location and descriptions for the relevant persons at the monastery. Stats for the important NPCs are for HARP. The monastic order is based on a pantheon described in articles on the Guild Companion website. Unfortunately, links to the relevant articles are not included in the text, though a search on the Guild Companion website finds the articles easily. Despite the tie to HARP this location could be used in any setting with minor adjustments. This requires only replacing the religion worshiped and statting the personalities for your system. My rating: 5/5

Selkie’s Secret is a 3-part adventure that would definitely require preparation prior to running. There is plenty going on in this adventure some of which is not part of the main plot. This leaves plenty of room for PCs to try to figure out what everything that is happening. I think it also gives a balance between roleplaying and combat. Also, there are no dialog boxes so if you are used to that adventure format you will have to develop dialog on your own. The adventure is based around a sea-side port and includes a beautiful, enchanting woman, werewolves, ships and pirates. Sea-oriented characters are not required, but I think it would add flavor for any PCs who do have that background. Maps are provided for the ships and 2 locations relevant to the story. The racial description for one of the NPCs is reprinted from a previous Guild Companion article. All stats given are for HARP. This adventure can be translated to other systems though in addition to adapting the NPCs stats you might want to convert the new race as well. There is a journal section in the adventure and the one thing that I would like to have seen is the journal presented as a player handout. The journal is for the players and the GM is going to be required to copy it to a handout himself. Rating: 4/5

Echoes of History is short adventure designed to be part of the Moving Shadow Campaign for Echoes of Heaven (EoH). If you have EoH then this adventure is between product 2 and 3. The detail of the adventure is less than that for the full EoH adventures in that there is no “Dramatic Purpose” boxes and less exposition. I would recommend getting the Guild Adventurer #2 just for this adventure if you want more EoH product though. Like all of the EoH adventures you can adjust the adventure to your own setting but I think it fits best within the concept of that world. This is a location-based adventure that has a trigger that the PCs have to figure out to succeed. Thus, this adventure could be shorter or longer depending on the PCs. Either way there is a small keep that is described in detail with a back story for its existence and current dilapidated state that ties in with the current story for the PCs. Of course there are maps for the keep. The biggest concern for GMs will be managing the player reaction to their character dying which is very possible. There are considerations for this occurrence in the adventure but players don’t always know that at that time. Stats for the adventure are given for Rolemaster FRP and HARP. Rating: 4/5

Hunting Season is an adventure for Spacemaster. It is a rescue mission designed to be played by a basic privateer crew. While it is a rather straight-forward rescue there are many opportunities for the players to go their own way to success. The story is not strictly scripted so the GM has to be able to think on his feet. However, this leaves plenty of room for PC ingenuity. All the relevant encounters are described and the NPCs are statted for Spacemaster. My complaint lies with the included map. It shows a large overhead view of the area, but there are no detailed maps. It would be nice to have maps of the buildings located on the larger map. Inevitably, there is going to be activity in and around the compound where the prisoners are. And while any GM can throw together a basic building it would have been nice to have some layouts. Rating: 3.5/5

Rose Petals and Snow Lions is a Shadow World adventure set in a city northeastern Jaiman. It is specifically geared to be played in the Shadow World setting and I think difficult to adapt to another setting. However, adapting to another game system just requires replacing the stats, which are included for Rolemaster Classic and Rolemaster FRP. The best summary I can give is that the PCs are needed to solve murder mystery. The murder though is part of a complicated political intrigue so I won’t butcher the plot by trying to give details. Amthor, as usual, has included plenty of setting details for his Shadow World (and notes where details are missing but will be coming in later books). Relevant location and personality descriptions are given and most possibilities are accounted for. A street map is provided for the areas involved in the mystery and an overview map of the city that will give you the general layout in case the PCs stray. As I have noted previously, dialog boxes are not provided if you are used to that format. However, the disposition and relevant conversation topics for the NPCs are given so that GM can decide how to carry on the conversation. Rating 5/5

Formatting and Art: Most of the art is what I call fantasy clip art. It looks like it was cut and pasted from some public domain art pieces. But, this is to be expected in most gaming products made on a tight budget. I counted 5 new pieces of art by Rick Hansen. Some of them I liked and some I thought he could have done better (since I have seen him do better in other works). For example, I really like the cover on Selkie’s Secret. I think the translucent dress, blowing hair and gentle collarbones are done nicely. Other the other hand I think the werewolf on the cover should be saying “I knocked off his head. Ha Cha Cha.” I am not sure what he was going for there. As for the formatting, there is a large header area that I think could be put to better use my spreading out the text. The text can feel cramped and dense sometimes and with a reduced head banner. Also, though I am not sure how feasible it is, it would be nice if the font varied a little between adventures or within the adventure to fit the scene.

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Guild Adventurer #2
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