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Prototype: Gun Priest
Publisher: LPJ Design
by John H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/09/2007 14:41:15

This advance class is truly full of flavor – and then some. I hate to sound like a parrot and merely repeat what preceding reviewers have already said, but everything about the Gun Priest screams "Tetragrammaton Cleric" from the get-go. For those who've never seen the movie Equilibrium: imagine kung-fu that's entirely devoted to the handgun, then put this person in a priest's uniform.

There ya go: God's semi-automatic Angel of Death in a mortal body.

All in all, this is like an ultra version of the Gunslinger found in the official Modern rulebooks – although calling it a mere "cut-and-paste" would be an insult. If the Gunslinger is a terrifying blackbelt with firearms, the Gun Priest would be an invincible grandmaster. The writer created several unique rules to reflect this massive difference in skill: all of which work perfectly to produce a shining example of handgun using perfection. However therein lies the Gun Priest's greatest fault: this class absolutely dominates any small arms firefight encountered. If you're looking for balance, then this is not what you want. However the Gun Priest isn't about balance - it's about dominating a shooting contest. So it does magnificently.

As a minor complaint: the Gun Priest class skills should have included Knowledge (Tactics) to reflect the necessity of knowing about firearm ballistics. Considering the obvious source of inspiration - Equilibrium's fictional martial art of Gun-Kata - it's a massive oversight. To do what he or she does, the Gun Priest has to have working knowledge about line-of-fire and bullet trajectory... but that's just a geek-ish thing, and it's easily fixed since a GM adapting it into the campaign can make it so.

Lastly: I wish the PDF included the original Gun Priest illustration that's close-up and blurred on the front cover. It's a beautiful drawing, and the latest version (as of this review's posting) had it removed: I distinctly remember seeing the earlier version not omitting it. That immediately causes the loss of a whole star in my eyes.

Nonetheless, I feel the Gun Priest is one of the two best classes released by LPJ Design to date (the other being the Elite Operative). So despite my nitpicking, it earns 4 stars easily. The concept is fantastic and the content is first rate. For a mere two dollars, you are seriously hard pressed to find a better deal. If the archetype Gun Priest illustration is ever reinserted again in the next revision, I'll certainly rebuy the product for that alone – and the score would rate 5 stars. hint hint

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Prototype: Gun Priest
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