T2000 v2 American Combat Vehicle Handbook
Publisher: Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
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Basically an equipment catalogue for the Twilight 2000 series of games, ranging from the humble jeep to laser tanks more applicable to a near-future Dark Conspiracy campaign. There is some duplication of the vehicles from the T2000 rule book, although with slightly improved (and corrected) stat sheets, covering some eighty vehicles, mostly AFV's but with a goodly supply of soft skinned trucks and support vehicles. There is also a fifteen page order of battle for the US army at it was, world-wide, at the start of the T2000 campaign, which saves the GM a lot of basic leg work. Alas, there is also an eight-page selection of colour plates for small boys who don't know what a tank looks like. This is dispensible and frankly seems to have little use other than to put the price of the printed book up. Otherwise it is a good, solid game aid for determining what lies around the next corner. Nine out of ten.

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T2000 v2 American Combat Vehicle Handbook
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