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Deep Carbon Observatory $10.00
Publisher: False Machine Publishing
by prashant p. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/11/2017 15:49:49

This is a review based on running DCO. DCO turns the modern adventure design paradigm on it's head- where telling rather than showing is the norm, and word count and bloat buries what the "core idea" or concept so deep that the running adventures is more like reading from a text book that helping the GM bring the concept to life. For an adventure of its size, DCO has now been run for about 4 months in my campaign with the PCs facing dilemmas, challenges and having to use good thinking to overcome obstacles. Not only is there a sense of wonder and creativity but the action is taunt with multiple factions in play and the adventure opening up a whole new world. Needless to say, DCO has become my players base of operations, and perhaps the beginings of a new power center. Running DCO is challenging because of the space it allows and expects the GM to flex. This is why everyone should run it because it will make you a better GM and the same for your players. For someone running games for 20+ years, this is one of the best adventures I have ever run. Also, study the maps- they are not linear like what most of us are used to. A+!

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Deep Carbon Observatory
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