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e-Adventure Tiles: Adventure Town - Wharf $7.99
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Paul L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/08/2008 06:27:24

The usual high standard of artwork from Ed is present here in a very welcome addition to the town series, and as one of the other reviewers (Jason Bostwick)rightly says, this set fits well with the oter town sets.

However, again as the other two reviewers say, it is all rather bland and empty. This becomes more so when you print them out and start using them. Not being an artist my only solution is to print out some extra floorpalns with cargo on from this/other sets and make up some small tiles, as this is incredibly empty.

I think there are also too few buildings on here, or other features such as a fish market, customs, dock guardhouse, sail/net/tack shop, scales/hooks for large fish (eg sharks).

On a more positive note though, because it is bland it does make it more easily customisable. Although in summary it's not really my ideal wharf set, to be honest. What is there is good, but I feel for value for money it falls well short of the standard fare I have come to expect from the e-Adventure Tiles series.

So, for my rating, I think what is there, for quality of artwork is 5-star, but less 1-star for blandness, and less another star for the price for this set.

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e-Adventure Tiles: Adventure Town - Wharf
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