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Paranoia Red Clearance Edition
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Publisher: Mongoose
by Desmond D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/02/2017 12:29:19

This is by far the sleekest edition of Paranoia yet. Citizens who have played the series predecessors will know that's not the largest accomplishment, but will also know that such claims of Paranoia ever being clunky are treasonous. Nevertheless, this reboot manages to cut off most of the frustrating cruft that got in the way of games in the system. Notably, building characters has been simplified, with mutant powers, secret societies, and equipment bound to cards that can be randomly dealt, or distributed intentionally as appropriate.

Skill checks have a uniquely Paranoia feel to them, despite being a completely new system. It's a little sad to see the d20 leave the system, but I think the game is better for it. The new system is a variation of d6 dice pool. Combat leverages the system well, and has instanced scarcity that keeps your options improvised and limited.

The tone of the world has been smoothed out, it doesn't feel as disjointed where a serious game can't exist in the same world as a fun hectic one. In this system, the serious world is hectic. You can kill at will, but there are repercussions for doing so without authority. The world feels more real, but is still flexible enough to fit many past playstyles.

My primary complaint is that the system seems to throw the past secrecy out the window in favour of simpler play. For me, one of my favourite parts of the game was the secrets you would keep from other players. The passed notes, and brief suspicious walks into the other room before things start to explode. You can still do this in the new system, but the design seems to default towards players being open, but characters being in the dark.

Overall, great game, support these guys. I think this is one of the best intro-to-rpgs systems I've seen in awhile.

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Paranoia Red Clearance Edition
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