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Haven: City of Bronze Campaign Setting (D20 Modern) $1.99
Publisher: LPJ Design
by Wesley F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/08/2017 05:13:45

Pros -Low price tag (~$2) -Great ideas for plot hooks, characters, and locations even if used out of this settings

Best Feature -Seven additional allegiances (Keep in mind a page and a half of information, however)

Cons -Vague Content information (You really don't know what you are buying) -Very poorly edited writing (poor grammar, sentence structuring, spelling, innapropriate use of slang)

Final Thoughts and Rating Overall this product should be at a mininum of a 4 star rating simply for the pricetag to content alone, depite the lack thereof. The primary issue of this product is the seemingly disregard for the english language. If it was an occasional typo or grammatical error it would be completely understandable. This is not the case and is an issue on nearly every single page. In my opinion this is not acceptable as it reflects the lack of effort put into the product regardless of the displeasure in the consumer. i will not be purchasing anymore products from this company.

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Haven: City of Bronze Campaign Setting (D20 Modern)
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