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Order of Battle
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Publisher: Mongoose
by Matt F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/28/2008 13:17:34

The new rules open up a large number of possibilities for the game. Adding torpedo boats/small combatants and shore installations addresses most of the elements you need for littoral warfare. The aircraft rules change – essentially limiting fighter ammo and a few odds n ends – are also a welcome addition. Soviet fleet entries open up Baltic operations.

My main nit to pick is the physical production of the PDF. The PDF of the main rule set includes all of the counters for the game (same as the sold-separately counter set) in full color. The counters in this PDF are all in black-and-white. Bummer. Front and back cover artwork is full color, but lower res and fairly pixelated. No bid deal there – it’s the black and white counter art that messes with this kit.

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Order of Battle
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