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Shadowrun: The Complete Trog (Runner Resources) $44.99 $24.99
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/18/2017 12:57:37

As someone who never writes reviews of things, I've only written this to adress the other reviewer's statement which clearly comes from someone who purchased this book with clearly inappropriate expectations. Then after not actually reading the book, proceeded to complain about how the book didn't meet their expectations. (The statement about the overpowered npc horde is the biggest flag that the reviewer didn't actually look at the book closley at all)

This is not a core rulebook. The cover states that it is explicitly not a core rulebook. If a reviewer or purchaser expected a lot of crunch, then of course they are going to be disappointed and rate this book lowly. (The core rules and crunch is 5 pages.)

There are a few typographical errors and formatting problems throughout the book, but for the most part the actual theme part of the book (which is the vast majority of the book) is respectable and fulfills the book's purpose as advertised. There are some good pieces of artwork.

If you want to play a Trog, buy this book. This is a useful book for understanding Trog Culture and sort of the origins and daily life of playing a Trog. The few pieces of gear in the book are a bonus and don't fundamentally change anything in the game. If you are a DM and want to experiment with trog culture or trog focused settings, get this book. This is skippable for everyone else. This book also advances plots related to NeoNet and the Corporate Court. Contains setting updates for other plot related areas, though with a trog related perspective.

First Four chapters are Trog Theme- Trogs in Nations, Trogs in Corporations, Trog advocates, Trog enemies. Fifth Chapter is divided into two parts. First part covers some experienced runners and how they fuction in society as shadowrunners. Second part covers how to make Trogs fit into certain archtypes. For experienced players this section can be useless. For GM's, great npcs. For new players, great ideas. Sixth Chapter- Trog related organizations. Seventh 'Chapter'- Crunch.

If you are experienced in shadowrun and playng Orks and Trolls, and know all about Trog Culture this book is could be shippable. IF you are new or not familiar with Ork or Troll culture there is actual value in this book. But it is clearly more focused on the roleplaying aspect of the Shadowrun Roleplaying game.

If the errors in the book are fixed, this book probably would deserve a tenative 4 out of 5.

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Shadowrun: The Complete Trog (Runner Resources)
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