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Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces: Weapons of Synergy $2.00
Publisher: Blackdirge Publishing
by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/06/2008 13:21:43

Blackdyrge’s Bits and Pieces: Weapons of Synergy written by Aeryn Rudel and published by Blackdirge Publishing. It is the first of the Bits and Piece series that will look at various ideas for D&D/D20 fantasy and play with them. This product is 8-pages (6-pages after cover and OGL) with a clean layout and a limited amount of black and white art.

The product deals with a new class of magical weapon quality, synergy qualities, which have a basic ability and then a secondary ability that is usable by those with the proper feat. There are twelve new qualities and three named weapons that make use of them (each of which is illustrated).

Example qualities are: Deft, which allows high Dexterity wielder to gain additional advantage when using it and even more if they have the Weapon Finesse feat. Saddlescorge which gives an advantage to mounted attackers and an additional bonus if they posses the Mounted Combat feat. The three named weapons are:

• Addertongue, an elven rapier suited to those who master a flashing and flamboyant style of swordplay. • Blackguard’s Bane, for the mounted Paladin or holy warrior. • Goretooth, an evil -as one could guess from the name- and intelligent spear well made for a villain.

Like all of the Blackdyrge books this is well written and shows Rudel’s mastery of the D20 rules. It provides interesting options as well as ways to reward certain types of character builds. All in all Weapons of Synergy is a useful addition to a DM’s library.

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Blackdyrge's Bits & Pieces: Weapons of Synergy
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