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by Sean H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/19/2008 20:21:02

Reign of Discordia, a True20 Adventure Roleplaying campaign setting by Darrin L. Drader and published by Reality Deviant Publications. It is a 137-page product (134 after covers and OGL) with a clean layout even against the color watermark that graces most pages. The cover is a full color piece evocative of classic science fiction while the interior art is spare but thematic.

What happens after an empire falls apart? The product looks at that question. The Stellar Imperium has collapsed under pressure from the “barbarians” outside as well as from corruption from within. It has been five years since the fall, will the worlds rebuild, fall apart or even survive?

The book begins with a history of the future charting the rise and fall of the Stellar Imperium leading to the present situation. A brief overview of commerce, communications and technology is provided. Chapter Two looks at some of the major worlds, including Earth, which are given a brief look providing a wide range of potential places to set adventures.

With Chapter Three, Character Options, the system starts becoming integrated with the setting. It starts with seven races (including humans), among them the aquatic shellfish-like Relarra and the insectoid Tallinites. Next are eight class variations, including the psionic using Mentalist, and seventeen feats for the setting. New equipment, including weapons and armor, and environmental effects such as gravity, radiation, atmosphere and lack thereof round out this chapter.

Chapter Four outlines some of the most important organizations which can serve as allies or enemies in a campaign, ranging from navies to mega-corporations to criminal combines. Several generic NPCs from various of the organizations are presented for easy use.

Chapter Five brings starship combat to True20, not that such combat is necessarily a central aspect in every Reign of Discordia campaign, but rules for such are still good to have available. Chapter Six is all about how to build starships from fighters to dreadnaughts with example ships of all sizes.

The final chapter provides a setting, Rover’s Beacon, in some detail. Rover’s Beacon is a large space station and major transfer point as well as a base of operation for several groups of raiders. A useful setting and jumping off point for a campaign.

A strong, if loosely organized, setting based on a good and intriguing idea. After all, what does happen after the Evil Empire is defeated? However, some adventure seeds or even a short introductory scenario would have helped to hook players and game masters both into the setting. A worthy addition to the range of True20 adventure settings.

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Reign of Discordia
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