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Alien Hunger
Publisher: White Wolf
par Mike A. Date Ajoutée: 02/01/2005 08:53:00

This Review contains spoilers of this pre-made adventure.

Well, here we have another first edition supplement that just doesn't live up to the newer things. Alien Hunger is meant to 'jump start' chronicles and seems to be made for players completely new to the game. While this would seem great, but it doesn't live up to what it set out to do.

Alien Hunger is extremely vague in some points, yet details others far too much. A single scene which should only take fifteen minutes to complete in game is longer in the book than some other, more important, events. In addition, the book describes options to the characters which they could only complete with information that any experienced DM/Storyteller would never give them that early. Whats the point in telling them the puppet master only an hour into the session?

The story discards one of the main themes of the game, damnation. The characters can, in one ending, actually become human again. In the Corebook, it states that the return to humanity is only a rumor. There are only two other cases where Vampires can become human, one being the use of True Magick and the other is being redeemed by God in Wormwood. I really hate the idea of a mundane serum being able to return human nature to a being afflicted by a millenia old curse, which, in other cases, takes extreme power to change. Kindred are dead, a simple concoction cannot reverse that.

I'm not going to complain about the art. While it isn't the best, it does not take on that same 'sketch' feeling like other sourcebooks, such as Dark Colony and Ghouls: Fatal Addiction. In fact, some of the art is very well done and a few pictures remind me of the art from Wraith.

I really can't recommend this book. The redeeming factors in the book are few and far between. I feel that I should list a few, so here we go:

-It is one of the few first edition supplements with a Malkavian (Tony) that isn't what we label a 'FishMalk.' This character is actually useful in the setting, even if he is supposed to get caught.

-It teaches players that they cannot always win. To quote, "Be fair to the players, but also be fair to the Kindred of Denver."

-It does serve its purpose as a jump start for games, albeit a poor one. It may provide a starting point for a journey across the world, searching for Prestor's notes. I could also see the story being used to drag the players to a new city, where your main chronicle takes place. I'm sure anyone that wanted to could find a use for it.

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Alien Hunger
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