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The Super Hack $2.00
Publisher: Simon Burley Productions
by Jeremy H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/08/2017 03:09:36

I am a big fan of The Black Hack system. I have bought several of the various hacks on OBS. This was my first purchase of anything in the Supers genre. I think it has lots of potential but didn't quite hit the sweet spot for me.

The four character classes are a great encapsulation of the genre. Bricks, Blasters, Crimefighters and Uniques are all great choices for the names of the classic tropes of the genre. Very evocative and succinct. I felt that Bricks and Blasters were a bit underpowered though. It seems like you could build a Unique that could potentially outdo them but I have yet to playtest this game yet.

The Powers are also boiled down to a mere 20. I think this was a solid representation of what you'd need to play a satisfyingly diverse Supers game. Re-fluff a bit here and there perhaps, but quite good. i think some further examples of how to re-fluff powers into fitting various "Rationales" would be helpful.

One thing that bothered me about the basic TBH system is the Usage Die mechanic. I know some people love it, but I think sometimes it's too fiddly. It especially annoys me when the character's core coolfactor is pegged to a Usage Die. For example, the Brick starts off with Superstrength at Grade 1 with a Usage Die of D10. Grade 1 allows the character to lift 1 ton and it doubles at every additional grade thereafter. So, by the UD mechanic anytime the character throws a punch and uses his (sort of minor) Superstrength he's gotta roll a Usage Die.

Added to this sort of nerf UD mechanic frustration is that a Level 1 Brick could only achieve a Grade 2 rating of Superstrength but a Unique could feasibly have a Grade 4 or 5 (with a lower Usage Die of D6 though). Also, the Uniques seem to increase in overall power as they level faster than the other classes.

Also, some further utilization of the Advantage/Disadvantage mechanic would be cool. And, maybe some bits about developing adversaries. Dunno... I'm probably just rambling now.

I see a lot of hope for this little game. Lots of cool stuff happening and it definitely wears the The Black Hack badge well. So, Simon... please update/tweak this one. Also, maybe adjust the layout a bit to improve the text flow/ease of reading and general aesthetics. I would gladly pay another $2 for an updated version.

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The Super Hack
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