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e-Adventure Tiles: Swamp Shoreline $7.99
Publisher: SkeletonKey Games
by Christopher H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/08/2008 22:25:11

SKG's earlier Swamps product consisted basically of very small (on the order of 4x7 squares, at most, on a 6x9 square grid) islands poking up out of swampy water. Swamp Shoreline reverses that theme; here, land predominates as it gives way to water. As with all SKG e-Adventure Tiles, the concept is good and the execution is great. The set features 20 tiles (four of them are marked as "bonus tiles," though I'm not sure why, since they're right there in the PDF), and one additional bonus tile can be downloaded from the SKG web site. This set would make a great addition to any SKG tile library.

[5 of 5 Stars!]