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par Nathan C. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 12/25/2008 15:06:49

Not an official review (just a fan)

I will be doing a review for this magazine early next month, but want to clear up something thats pretty much stated in magazine description. This is dungeons and dragons magazine, and overall, the magazine often has material for both 3rd and 4th edition. One issue may have more than another. A 1 is a very unfair score for a product you claim had great material, just not as much for your edition of the game. I run a pathfinder game, and though there is not a lot of specific material for my setting, I found what was there mechanically sound to convert fairly easy. More importantly though the ideas were fresh. There are three really good articles that are not so much system specific, particuarlly the sections on code breaking and interview with Monte Cook. j

I have been a fan of this series since issue 1. So far its been a pretty informative series of books and I have not wanted to have any magazine series near my game table for a while since getting my first copy at gencon 2007. I think fans of d and d will enjoy the magazine no matter the system.

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Kobold Quarterly 6
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