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Cosmic Christmas - Special Edition $9.99 $5.97
Publisher: Bailey Records
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/13/2009 10:10:17

It may seem a bit peverse to review Christmas music on Easter Monday... but this is when it reached the top of the review pile!

But it's really nice stuff, and I'll be keeping it safe for NEXT Christmas as antidote to some of the more dreary 'just because it is Christmas' music. Basically a selection of traditional Christmas music has been given a thorough techno remix, and in many cases has benefited from it tremendously. Playing as I write is 'Oh Come oh come Emmanuel' - one of my favourite Advent carols as a long-time chorister, and while I still sing the traditional plainsong version at the merest opportunity, this version is lovely as well.

To start things off, 'The Holly and the Ivy' begins with a countdown - quite typifies Christmas, as it's a holiday with a great sense of anticipation and build-up, then the tune comes out quite traditionally but against a bouncy rhythmic backing that gives it a fresh feel. The following tracks continue this fresh approach to music that is familiar to most of us, whether we celebrate Christmas religiously or as a family holiday.

Get this for next Christmas - your ears will thank you!

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Cosmic Christmas - Special Edition
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