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Tavern Denizens-Book I: The Dives $2.99 $2.24
Publisher: Generic Universe Publishing
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/27/2009 20:31:42

Raise your hand if your players are more likely to remember the NPC with a an overzealous personality and a lisp more so than the NPC with the two epic feat progressions of two weapon fighting you designed him with.

If you are wiggling your fingers in the air, then your players are not of the hack and slash variety and would enjoy meeting the colorful characters in Generic Universe Publishing’s Tavern Denizens: Book I The Dives.

Tavern Denizens uses an original system called Sparks to allow that allow their products to be used in any system. Sparks uses a series of simple, generic terms for Physical, physical, combat and magic traits so that dungeon masters can easily determine a Sparks character’s abilities compared to a statted one in their game. It alleviates the writers from concentrating on skills and making perfect builds and instead allows them to focus on unique personalities where their skills obviously shine.

There are 29 unique NPCs to filter your campaign world. Many of them are quirky and add a neat new friend or interesting new foe for pcs. These NPCs are all random people to be found in any inn or tavern the PCs come across.

For the DM This book is great for those random occurrences where players encounter people whom are important to the situation but were not important enough to the campaign to remember them ahead of time. My favorite NPC was Jack the Braggart. A person with an habitual lying problem with important information is a fun way to antagonize your players.

The Iron Word The Sparks system allows for easy insertion into any campaign book, though some of the NPCs would have benefited from additional skills. Still, Tavern Denizens: Book I The Dives gives the busy DM over two dozen NPCs with enough uniqueness to make them distinguishable enough in an eventful campaign world.

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Tavern Denizens-Book I: The Dives
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