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Daring Tales of Adventure: Figure Flats $4.99
Publisher: Triple Ace Games
by Michael S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/15/2009 11:17:47

This is my first purchase in the Daring Tales of Adventure product line. Overall, I am quite impressed with the value present in this product. The quality of the artwork is superb. The selection is more than adequate. There are plenty of heroes, sidekicks, villains, and by-standers provided. The tri-fold design is not my favorite, but I was quickly able to manipulate the images to provide two-sided figures which I then mounted to home-made slotted foam core bases. I printed multiples of the Nazi figures, since, as you well know, there are always more Nazis. There are enough different poses to make the Nazis look good in a horde. My only complaint is that there are too few poses of some of the other figure types. There are plenty of different colors uses bewteen the figures, but a different pose or two (or five) would have been nice. Still, I'm completely satisfied with the purchase and am planning on buying more the Daring Tales of Adventure line for my home and convention games.

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Daring Tales of Adventure: Figure Flats
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