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In the Saddle: Horses and other Mounts $7.95 $3.98
Publisher: Dark Quest Games
por Jason C. [Featured Reviewer] Fecha en que fue añadido: 07/24/09 22:29:44

One of the first "horseback" supplements to come out during the d20 boom, this supplement remains a solid outing. Combining it with other supplements that perhaps came out later - mass combat, exploration, chase scenes - makes it even stronger. The rules are relatively simple but cover most of the horse-related stuff that fantasy folk have to deal with.

The additional material covering non-horse mounts is a welcome addition. Battle hares ahoy! Everyone loves a good battle hare.

Ever since the advent of wilderness adventures, mounts have been an important but often overlooked part of the game. One area that might have been interesting to explore in future editions is "what to do with them when we get to the dungeon", and other game-related logistical questions that can sometimes bog down the action.

The file is well-optimized but doesn't have any special PDF features. It is well worth the price.

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In the Saddle: Horses and other Mounts
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