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Buffy RPG Revised Corebook
$40.00 $19.99
Publisher: Eden Studios
by William H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/15/2009 12:11:20

The Revised Core Rulebook is a fully realized RPG in a single volume. The supplemental materials in other products are just that, supplemental. The core mechanic is 1d10 + Stat + Skill +Difficulty Mods for 8+, human stats run 1-6. The game mechanics are tailored well to the style of play; fast, furious, and cinematic. Further, compatibility with the Angel RPG means that more of the buffyverse is available. Sadly, Eden no longer is developing new material for either line. That said, the game is clearly written, simple to play, has both template and custom-build options for character generation, and addresses strongly the needs of running a game that feels like the Buffyverse. There is one hitch, which I found as a player: The GM rolls no dice. That's right, it takes the approach that the GM doesn't roll to hit, the player rolls to dodge, instead. The combat mechanics work quite well, in part because of this, and in part in spite of this. Combat is fast, brutal, and works well both in narrative mode and with minis. Should you go on to expand with the other books in the Buffy line, the tone is consistent. You can also expand with Angel, Army of Darkness, and Terra Primate easily, or with Full Unisystem games as well. • Bottom line: Best licensed game I've played.

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Buffy RPG Revised Corebook
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