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Trollops Of Destiny $1.19
Publisher: Dark Quest Games
by Jason C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/18/2009 11:00:20

This supplement is for any fantasy RPG. In 9 pages, it details 7 female NPCs. It goes into their histories, motivations, and gives a few adventure hooks for each, as well as romantic and/or sexual encounters that might be had with each of them. Since it is not RPG-specific, there are no statistics provided, though there are excellent guidelines for how the GM should assign statistics in the needed system.

Don't let the cover fool you, not all of these women are either wanton or wicked. Some are quite nice. Others are just a bit forceful in getting what they want. One is truly deranged, and another is flat evil.

What all of these women are lacking, however, is some kind of drive or desire that would make them real characters. When reading through the descriptions, I was struck with a simple idea: "So what?" Take the kindly beggar woman. Her description is interesting: she is quite charismatic and attractive, and able to use those skills to obtain money. She shares the money she obtains with other beggars at least in part because this keeps them around so that her flirtatious panhandling doesn't devolve into an assault. Well and good. But I am not sure what this adds to my story. Does she have a sinister admirer who is going to take decisive action which the heroic PCs must stop? Does she have a dream of living above her station that she intends to achieve by trickery and seduction? When I come to the end of her description, I don't really know what force she introduces into my story. She's interesting but not really worth spending time on without some drive.

In general, this is a problem for most of the women. Some don't have any adventure hooks at all, and of the adventure hooks presented, most have to do with something happening to the woman rather than the woman taking action of her own volition. It would be hard for me to concoct a true "destiny" for them without any idea of where they're trying to go, for good or ill.

Still, for nine pages, the price is right, and the guidelines on coming up with statistics for the system I want to use are very detailed and effective.

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Trollops Of Destiny
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