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Power Pics Villains 2 -Greenman $2.00 $0.99
Publisher: Mesozoic Press
by Andrew L. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 12/05/2009 09:33:02

This four page PDF presents a good quality full size single pose of a fanged, green skinned, pointy-eared humanoid rendered in color, line art and greyscale. Across the bottom of each page is a small copy of the art placed in a two sided paper figure with a silhouette as the back view. "Greenman" as Mesozoic Press call him would fit in as a guest villain in a supers campaign but could equally be a special monster in a fantasy setting or a viable mutant in a post-holocaust scenario.

Having a line art version is handy if you want to create a custom colored version, or even to print a copy off for budding young artists in your family. The greyscale copy has been done well, and produced noticeably better results than my mono laser's built-in greyscale conversion of the color picture did. When printed the lines in the artwork remained smooth with no jagged edges (aliasing) even on high-res color output. The only problem that I found was that the paper figure lies in the non-printing footer area of my laser. This is easily corrected by opening the PDF in the free program GIMP (or similar) and copying out the mini into a separate image.

Using this art is a great way to fire the imagination of the visually oriented amongst your players.

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Power Pics Villains 2 -Greenman
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